• Design Approach

    We believe that the best projects come out of a synergetic relation between the architect, the client and the consultant team involved in the project. This holistic approach to consultant collaboration and design between different disciplines makes projects more tailored to the client’s requirements and better balanced in terms of […]

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  • Sustainability

    Environmental awareness is an ever increasing priority for architecture and the built environment. Buildings consume a significant portion of our natural resources during construction and an even larger portion of energy over their lifetime for space and user comfort, conditioning and maintenance. Green, sustainable and integrated design has become a […]

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  • Design Co-ordination

    Clear and direct lines of communication are the key to a successful project. This is especially true for international projects with an international client and consultant team. Modern IT technology greatly assists the coordination and distribution process. KRAUSE ARCHITECTS have the tools and experience to ensure great communication and coordination as […]

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  • Project Schedule

    In our experience, in order for a schedule to be meaningful, it must be direct and uncomplicated. Furthermore a clear sequence of decisions need to be made at each stage of the project to avoid unnecessary delays or abortive work. KRAUSE ARCHITECTS have experience in delivering complex and fast paced […]

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  • Budget

    KRAUSE ARCHITECTS are always mindful of costs and typically involve a local cost planner from early stages of the design process to help establish realistic budgets and ensure that the project is in line with our client’s aspirations. This helps to prevent labour intensive and time consuming late stage cost […]

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  • Procurement

    Each project has unique requirements in terms of its priorities for quality, time to completion and available budget. KRAUSE ARCHITECTS are experienced in tailoring the procurement route to the project specific requirements, thereby balancing and prioritising the needs for each project.

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