Design Approach

We believe that the best projects come out of a synergetic relation between the architect, the client and the consultant team involved in the project. This holistic approach to consultant collaboration and design between different disciplines makes projects more tailored to the client’s requirements and better balanced in terms of the time and money spent. Numerous factors such as site, programme, client brief, sustainability and many others shape the development of our design from the start and it is our role as architects to interpret these into well articulated three dimensional solutions. KRAUSE ARCHITECTS approach this process with a multitude of tools including both sketch models, three dimensional computer models, sketches and various dynamic software, which allow for early approaches to be tested. A team of selected specialist consultants form part of our design team from the early stages of every project in order to ensure that  the preliminary approaches are optimised both in terms of structure, energy, cost and sustainability. Our clients are integral to this process through regular design meetings where the early approaches are reviewed, refined and ultimately reduced to one conceptual solution.

Once the design direction has been established the project moves into the next programme of design with the development of the basic building systems and the fine tuning of the architectural spaces. Here again the client is involved in all decisions regarding these systems as these have important significance not only in terms of the architecture and building performance, but also on the building comfort and future leasing parameters, building maintenance, operating cost, etc. The various building systems as developed by the design team form the infrastructure of the architectural form(s). The next step in the design process involves the documentation and coordination of the building systems and the detailing of the various architectural elements and spaces. This stage is extremely important in order to produce a refined, well integrated and executed architectural project and KRAUSE ARCHITECTS pride themselves in both their meticulous attention to detail and their drive to deliver the highest quality products. Andreas Krause oversees and is intimately involved in all phases of design and production ensuring that our clients always receive a final product which meets and exceeds their goals and aspirations.