Are villa neighbourhoods sustainable in the future? This question we were asked by one of our client’s. Should India embark on building further villa neighbourhoods or should it try to reinterpret the villa typology as a high-rise, to improve land use, transport links and efficiency of resources employed in creating new dwellings? What appeared as a series of simple questions, became an investigation into villa and neighbourhood typologies and qualities. It was clear from the start that in order to achieve these aspirations of a high-rise villa neighbourhood, the building layout had to be different to that of an apartment tower. The project (18,800m2)  needed to reflect differing degrees of private and communal areas, capturing the villa qualities and those of the neighbourhood.




STATUS: ongoing
CLIENT: Pashankar Group
LOCATION: Pune, India
TEAM: Andreas Krause,  Nada Doletinova, Florian Migsch, Clement Fabre, Tina Anzinger