The project aims to find a development strategy for large plots of land that can attract development to the city as a whole. It investigates the changing role of urban planning in wake of an increasing rise of regional self-governance. Urban Tetris is centred on external and local development needs which were set in relation. The speculation of joint interests by all involved parties led to a set of strategic couplings of ‘local’ and‘external’ development pressures. This meant that by reducing the responsibility and influence of any one party and interrelating it with others, new synergies could be found that would reduce development risks. This type of urban organisation is challenging the traditional two-dimensional plot structure by three-dimensionally stacking and interrelating uses in relation to infrastructure.This enabled the site to constantly grow and adapt over time and thus facilitate the prevailing demand which aids a sustainable growth of the city as a whole.




STATUS: study
CLIENT: City of Frankfurt am Main, Germany
LOCATION: Frankfurt am Main, Germany
TEAM: Andreas Krause