This traditional French farmhouse was converted in the mid 1990’s into a minimal, understated family home, forming fantastic spaces set within a clear and rational layout. Our involvement looked at how an elevator may be introduced into the house to ensure the villa stayed accessible to its ageing clients. By adding a platform elevator into an existing triple height space, the appearance of the elevator could be underplayed such that the entire floor of the triple height space could move up and down. This resulted in the space becoming compressed above, as one travels upwards and also for the space below the platform to increase in height at the same time, changing the spatial and light composition of the triple height space through the movement of the elevator. The elevator became a device – an art piece to explore and experience the house in a new way, much more so than a means of access.




CLIENT: private
LOCATION: South of France
TEAM: Andreas Krause, Nada Doletinova, Florian Migsch, Daniel Reynolds, Gulliem Piza, Jonas Upton-Hansen (Upton-Hansen Architects), Erin Klassen (Upton-Hansen Architects)