The project includes the interior remodeling of a 1930’s villa, as well as the design of an extension and exterior landscape in a second phase. The villa will be used by a multigenerational family, and the interior spaces needed to reflect the differing requirements of all family members. The question we asked ourselves at the start of the project, was ‘how can one design spaces that accommodate changing requirements of the users over time?’ We started to address this necessity by studying how spaces could be connected and linked but also how clear separation of activities and spaces could be achieved, where this was required for privacy or by a family member. We therefore included screens and doors that could be folded away, providing continuous spaces at times or at other times more secluded, separate spaces. One of the key ideas was the desire to visually connect the front of the house with the garden at the rear and to enable the users to orientate themselves whilst in the house within the context of the surrounding landscape. The rear doors facing the garden were designed to open up to allow the garden to become part of the interiors, blending with the activities of the house.




STATUS: completed
CLIENT: private
SITE: confidential
TEAM: Andreas Krause,  Nada Doletinova, Florian Migsch, Clement Fabre, Tina Anzinger

Collaborating Architect: VYONYX
Cost Consultants: Geoff Tyler
Structural Engineers: Croft Structural Engineers

Site photographs: Quintin Lake