Product design requires a careful balance of disciplines, and demands a dialogue that informs the product to give it an ontology of its own. Product design combines art, science and technology to create tangible three dimensional designs.

KRAUSE ARCHITECTS specialise in furniture design and have designed a variety of published and built products ranging from a line of lamps to a coffee table, a bed, a bookshelf and a table built from materials ranging from concrete and wood to acrylics, silicone and steel.

Similarly to our architecture, we utilise both physical models and digital tools which allow us to communicate, visualise and analyse ideas and design products that are clean, thoughtful and free of the ‘inessential’. Stripping away the superfluous ensures a timeless quality which will neither fade or become outdated.

When designing, we invest a lot of time into the material engineering of our products and often seek to use unusual materials and combinations to achieved desired effects.