KRAUSE ARCHITECTS have a wide range of experience in residential design having been involved in residential projects ranging in scale from large complex condominium towers, and multiple unit projects to smaller single houses and refurbishment projects.

Regardless of the scale of a project we approach residential architecture by a set of guiding principles rather than a style.

These principles include strategic and thoughtful use of site, views and natural light.

This also involves careful programmatic analysis and planning of functions, adjacencies, and separation of public and private spaces. We believe that homes should be open, flexible and planned to provide frameworks within which residents are free to express their own tastes and styles, ensuring unique and personal spaces whilst keeping a general atmosphere coherent with our architecture. KRAUSE ARCHITECTS design homes that are comfortable, energy efficient and socially sustainable. For this reason we often involve highly specialised teams (civil, structural, MEP, environmental analysts etc) from early stages of the project to ensure innovative and yet practical solutions are developed. Our detailing is always precise and understated, and our execution is seamless.